Enough is enough

You know it is funny how people who believe in Transition (and even more, those who don’t) often don’t have enough of something, time or money or ideas or willpower, to go and make a difference, to their lives or those of others, or the planet.

For example, people say they would shop for more local food if they had the time and or the money, but the veg in the market is usually cheaper than the supermarkets, if you are a bit choosy about buying in season and picking the bargains, and for many people surely a few minutes in the market is much quicker than driving round the car park for 5 minutes to find a space and then more time in the checkout queues.

But even more time and money would be saved if we teamed up to do things, and it would be more fun. One idea I have is to start a soup and curry club. If you want to make your own soup it does take a lot of time to make 15 different varieties, a lot of shopping and a lot of pots and pans. But if 15 people make 15 portions of soup then you get the bonus of bulk buying and the simplicity of making just one soup batch but getting a week or more’s soup supply.

For our local Swap Shop I made 28 portions of soup from 10kgs of tomatoes, just fresh tomatoes, nothing else at all. That made it much cheaper than good quality fresh soup at the supermarket and as to taste, some people said it was the best tomato soup they had ever tasted.

Why? Well, simple really, I am a great soup maker!

No, the real answer is in the ingredients, fresh fruit and vegetables make great soup!

So, is the TV programme that important? Or would you love life more from the joy of tasting your own freshly made soup, or curry.


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