Good people

One reason I like being in with the local Transition Movement is the sense that the people are mostly good people. I think you know what I mean, but maybe we could explore that.

It isn’t about doing things for others, or for the planet, it is very easy to be selfishly ‘helping’ for all and for everything. It is about caring, which also sometimes means leaving well alone, it is caring which makes the difference between a good judgement about what to do, or not to do,  and a not so good judgement.

And caring doesn’t mean just paying attention to what is outside. It also means paying attention to what we feel inside, so our caring is an honest response, it is a relationship response. I know that when I am growing things in the garden, if I pay too little attention to what is outside it doesn’t work, but also if I pay too little attention to what is inside it also doesn’t work.

The same goes for work, and for bringing up children. Watch supernanny and see how she gets people to recognise what they are feelings as well as what the children are feeling.

And in the kitchen, if you don’t feel right it all goes wrong. If you are a fan of Come Dine with Me, as I am, you can see when things are going wrong, before they go wrong, because the person is not paying attention to how they feel.

Maybe we could all benefit from sharing our meals with others like that, maybe every village, town, city or boat, should have a Come Dine with Me dinner share scheme?


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