Car Share

I signed up for West Sussex Car Share the other day. So far no-one has contacted me about a little trip around South  America! 😉

It is interesting that despite cars littering every street and more and more cars being the size of a small bus, car sharing is not top agenda for most people.

I will be convinced that fuel is expensive when I see evidence of two things:

1. People switching off their engines while waiting for Level Crossing Gates to open, or while they sit in their cars by the side of the road on the phone, or eating and drinking, or, well, you see everything on a bike.

2. People decide that one car between two families is enough.

I don’t understand why one of the local car hire companies doesn’t encourage more people to car share, it would increase their business enormously. I know some offer car sharing but the arrangements are more like lease hire than car share. Bring the prices down, make it simpler, then when I need a car I hire one or get a taxi.


One response to “Car Share

  1. The District Council has an interesting idea for a community car club which should be operational by June 2012. It will start small but could grow and prove very effective for those who only do short journeys around town. You’ll be able to hire a car on an hourly basis at an affordable price.

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