So what do Havant and Yemen have in common?

As I write this it looks like Yemen is in Transition, with army defections, cabinet defections, and just about everyone else on the streets asking for change. I say asking as given what has happened people have been pretty peaceful really. Just like in Havant. Unlike silly people who think that smashing a few shop windows in London is the way to bring about Transition, people in Havant are getting really creative.

Now I am just a tad late with Havant Goes Greener

Well, you have missed the first day or two, but it wasn’t posted by Aljazeera either, and they have a lot more resources than I have.

But I am early enough for the donation day for The Boat Project, see here. The project is based in Thornham Harbour and it is a truly creative concept with delivery, I know because I went to an event there with the RSA.

But back to Havant and Yemen.They both are close to a lot of water, they both have oil, and although the population size is a little different, well, 0.1 million compared to 28 million, the overall GDP might be similar. They both sit next to more powerful neighbours, and they both have a lot of sand.

But most important, they have people who want change. So, if you want to be with people who want change, you can choose Havant or Yemen, not much difference.


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