Great ideas

One of the main reasons for this web site is to share great ideas, and one I heard of last night struck me as simple but powerful.

Some Fellows of the RSA in Brighton were concerned about reduced funding for Green projects, one of which is City in Bloom, so they went out and got support from all kinds of local business and individuals to put something new and extra into the campaign, and to support the category for Best Wildlife Garden.

Previous sponsors, 2009, were Infinity Foods which is just celebrating its 40th birthday.

Kent wild Life Trust has had a similar competition.

Chichester has a Best Wildlife Garden category too.

Now wouldn’t it be great to have this idea in every South Coast town and city? Everywhere you go there seems to be more and more ground covered in concrete or pebbles, which is not good for water conservation. Forget about how much water you use cleaning your teeth, that is nothing compared to the loss from too rapid land drainage. And of course it is not good for wildlife and not good for our eyes or ears.

So, what about it Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant and the rest?

Last year the category Best Vegetable Garden was won by Kate Fox in Midhurst, come on Chichester, surely there are some great veg gardens out there?

And how about everyone developing the category into Best Grow Your Own Garden, which could have different categories for Roofs, Window Ledges, Patios, Hedges, Orchards, and Family Gardens, as well as Allotments and Community Gardens.

It was RSA Fellows who are putting Wildlife on the map again in Brighton, and you may find some RSA Fellows in your area who would do what they can to help where you are, just enquire on the RSA web site.

Good luck.


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