Nuclear power

The news that Germany plans to close all its nuclear power plants by 2020 will be greeted with cheers by some and dismay by others, and the cheers and dismay will come from different people involved in Transition and Green Movements around the world. So let’s see what people have to say:

Those who campaign against coal will be worried. Those who think that a better approach to nuclear power might see this as an opportunity to develop greener nuclear power stations. But as you can see from the blog there are different views to its greenness and safety. Others see events in Japan as leading to more push for Fusion reactors, but again there are different opinions as to greenness and safety.

A rather cynical view of Japan’s commitment to change suggests they are resporting to magic! But with the two biggest industrial countries after the USA commited to scaling down and closing nuclear power it has to mean our CO2 targets are going to be much harder to hit.

This might seem to suggest a call to something simpler, surely the move to low energy bulbs is pure green? Well, why does the web site Global Warming advertise a campaign to stop the ban on incandescent bulbs? They have their suggestions for policies on Global Warming, and some of those may be controversial, and they are directed at the US population.

One of the areas of dialogue for our own Transition Movements is politics. While some movements state that they are not affiliated to any political party, the issues around Transition and activism are out there and no decision is still a decision.

So what do you think? Should Transition have a position on certain issues, like Nuclear or not, or even banning non-local food or raising fuel prices to 5 times what they are now?

It might seem shocking, you might say that such measures are alarmist, but if temperatures rise by 2C they may seem modest! Will resilience come to mean fortress communities?

You put your views here and see what happens.


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