Energy, little bits and huge amounts

Mobile phones and the dangers of use are out there again.

Hang on, what about this? You mean they have known this for 3 years and no action taken?

But heck, isn’t this more problematic?

I would have thought the biggest dangers are to mental health, on the basis that two people walking down the road each talking to other people has got to be pretty insane, in the common sense meaning of insane.

It is amazing that the possible small dangers to health of using mobile phones get major news cover, (has there been an autopsy which has declared death from cancer caused by mobile phones yet?), but that is nothing compared to the real and ever present dangers of climate change, as witnessed in the tornado regions of the USA recently.

The research on how we think shows we don’t respond to numbers very well, e.g. Malcolm Gladwell and his book, Blink.

But our concern about climate change and resilience has to be about numbers. That’s why Transition groups are trying to develop Energy Descent Plans.

Total madness would be if we all moved around in lead shielding in order to protect ourselves from ‘radiation’ creating additional energy use, and the shielding raised the temperature of the planet by another 1 C because your car now did 20 mpg rather than 50!!

We can’t just blame the press for their careless scaremongering (though we should blame them a bit), we all have to take responsibility for responding to stories by weighing up the real dangers, the numbers that matter. And mobile phones are not going to kill you or your children by anything close to what climate change might do!


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