The future belongs to the children

It was this TED talk that inspired me to think about the future and our children. If you haven’t listened to talks you are missing something, but this young lady speaks with  clarity of vision of the future that we can all learn from.

From 6 to 16 you have a view of the world as immensely open to opportunities, for you and everyone else, and then you get sucked into the negativity and doubt that brings it all to a halt. But does it have to?

Is it that somewhere, as they say, between the cup and the lip, there is many a slip, so by your own project failings you cease to believe in your and others’ ability to change things? Or is it that as a young person you think that copying what those older than you are doing has to be the right way, and in the process you copy that negative closing down of dreams?

If Transition  is to work it seems to me it can’t just be something that older people lead and younger people follow. It has to be something that younger people lead and older people follow, giving support if asked for, but not too much, trusting that the young have got to be able to do a better job than we have done. OK, mistakes will be made, but that is OK, we made mistakes, lots of them, and are still making mistakes.

Where too start? Well, how about education? Maybe we start a Transition by handing the what, when, where and how of learning over to young people? They already know WHY, it is built into them. Yet we try to push the ‘why they need to learn’ and then tell them what and where and when and how. Crazy.

Maybe a Transition School should be created, one which begins with one week of free learning, each year, and then each term, and then, when we find that it actually works better, we just hand the whole thing over to them. Will some fail? Maybe. but many fail now, fail to live up to their dreams, fail to live their dreams, and still, unfortunately, even fail to learn to read.

Then we open a Transition Health Centre, where people team up to deliver their own future health, design their own health programmes. Again, support from experts is fine, but it is support, not direction that is needed. I know WHY I want to be healthy, so I need help to work through what I do and where and when and how, but if being healthy is my dream then I will deliver it.

If you doubt this then watch the TED video. And if you still doubt it, watch it again. Keep watching it until inside you, get back to being that young lady, with all the dreams you had, and now you remember WHY, you can start again to decide what and when and where and how.


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