DIY Energy

Having just got my ‘Energy bill’ I thought, ‘OK, must find ways of getting this down.’ I have switched off the gas (electric cooker and shower) and although Gas is great when the guy came to service the boiler he commented that the pilot light was large, so I measured its use over a day! If you think TV standby is bad, watch that pilot light burn away your money!

Transition Lewes are doing something about it. Watch the video, it’s good, simple messages, real commitment, but the food makes you hungry!

This gets me wondering if there is an easy way of getting groups active in each local area. Would a local Twitter feed work? Or a Facebook Chichester group? Enough self generation and exchange that when it comes to calling the meeting it just happens! Maybe that group could be pushing and pulling on local businesses for their ideas on how they could partner in the project, with freely offered management expertise, maybe even a site for the project? What about the local councils? They pay the bills for energy for a lot of people, in assisted housing, for those unable to work and earn enough, and on their own properties. How about a lead from them, not in the sense of setting anything up but in showing enthusiasm for being a partner in the process?

Maybe Veolia could be brought on board, as energy providers from waste disposal, and RenEnergy, giving advice for free and maybe some pump prime funding to get the thing off the ground, with no commitment to any one system of course.

It would be great if the local energy intitiative could be part of greening transport, maybe not for Hydrogen Cars, but electric bike schemes, electric car hire/car share schemes, electric buses and taxis and vans?




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