The summer soltice being held in the New Forest  got me thinking about the importance of celebration. (See also more news in Transition Spotlight, the weekly update on one of the South Coast in Transition groups acitivities).

Living off seasonal produce was always going to be hard work and was even more so in the  past, but then they knew that hard work needs celebrations, and we don’t seem to be celebrating work these days, well, maybe the hard work (or just luck) of other people, aided  by a celebrity culture.

This is a pity, as celebrating something you have put effort into is much much more fun than something someone else has done for you. And it is a lot less effort now simple good advice is available, so we don’t have to be martyrs to the cause any more.

We don’t celebrate enough at work, well, that is what I think, even the Office Party is something to be avoided if possible. So we could combine our Transition at work into a schedule of Celebrations. We could all commit to targets, work targets and hoome targets, and when we hit them it is time to celebrate, not too often but often enough that it makes you really want to sing!

And maybe a local producer could sign up with your programme and help your party be really green, celebration food is only local, as can be celebration dinks, inlcuding, round here, local wines and beers, hopefully some home made elderflower cordials (if you haven’t picked your Elderflowers by now you may find you are too late!.)

Not sure how to put a Green Programme together? Well you could try for ideas by asking on your local Transition group web site, or just pop some questions to Greenshift.

And then, when the world celebrates temperatures dropping (long after CO2 drops I guess), wow that will be a party.



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