Sunday Humour 3

Yesterday’s post about throwing out what you don’t want reminded me of one of the Sunday Humour posts by a friend of mine who lives in Laos.

Now you might not like all of his humour, or that of his friends, so it is up to you to look at his pages, but some will make you smile and some laugh, and that has to be  good thing. But this one, links to not throwing out things: just look at the cars someone stored away, for what? You may not have quite that kind of collection, but maybe then odd obsession could do with going to the cleaners?

I was on a stand at the Garden Show, Stansted Park, on Friday. Brilliant venue and a huge range of things to do and see. I took some time out to have a quick look around and it was amazing what was being reused in the garden. One stand had some ‘French Roof Tiles’ which had a ring of iron attached and in the ring a pint beer glass, £18 each. What you use them for I have no idea. On another stall a charity was getting donations of old cement mixers which young people were turning into garden growing things. And on another someone had some very simple wooden boxes, no bigger than 1 foot by 4 inches by 6 inches, for putting pots in, they looked great, but at £22 each and people buying 2 or more at a  time, I wondered where the recession had gone to!

So the Garden Show is a great place to find ideas, and if you want, spend money. But I did wonder if everyone was taking everything a little too seriously. Why was there no queue for the Ballards Brew yet a 15 minute queue for coffee?

To introduce a bit of fun in the whole process I suggest next year they hand everyone an ‘Am I a Mad Gardener’ questionnaire, who knows, they might create a new version of Gardener’s Question time?


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