Electric bike network

Last Friday I spent some time talking to Steve Filary, who had a stall at the Garden Show, Stansted House, showing people and letting people ride electric bikes.

As I had  a stand nearby, I surreptitiously watched people have a go, or just talk. I am intrigued by the idea that most car transport could be replaced with electric bike transport, at least for local journeys, so what are the issues?

Steve has some good ideas about this, but so must the 100,000 or more potential customers in Chichester, or 1 million along the South Coast. So I am seeking feedback from you, what would make you get or not get an electric bike?

Most journeys locally in the car can be replaced by suitable electric bikes, and although electric power is not super efficient, if you are on green power and you are carrying less weight around, by being on a bike, then that has to be good?

We can get Steve’s ideas later, and I am interested in how we can hold an event where Steve and other electric bike people can explain how it works and give us a go. If we can get enough interest then maybe we can create an electric bike network along the South Coast. OK, so some people want to do the walk, around the coats of Britain, and that is great. But for those of us who want it a bit easier, I think  the number of people who would take part in a South Coast Electric Bike journey would be quite large.

And then later we get to an around Britain electric bike network. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t it be great for the UK Visit Britain people to be able to say, hey, come to the UK and you can cycle around the UK, with a bit of assistance from batteries up the hill, and with one easy booking system!

OK, just an idea, but I am sure Steve will want o join us in a first meeting on the possibilities. Fancy coming along? Just Email me on graham@nextstepassociates.co.uk


2 responses to “Electric bike network

  1. > what would make you get or not get an electric bike?

    If it is cheap (£1k) enough and fully weather proof, like a velomobile.

    Also, I think a two seater side by side model would be good, and one where you can put a whole trolly worth of shopping in the boot, not just one or two items!

    I also like the idea of a 3 wheeler, a wide one so it doesn’t tip over easily when cornering, and because a recumbent design would be easier to ride and not require one to balance like an ordinary 2 wheeler.

    That is why I am currently designing and building something like that, as there is nothing on the market for me to buy off the shelf.

    • Hi Nanos,
      Your project sounds interesting, good features, but how do you keep the weight low? Fully weather proof is touch as you add wind resistance. As a 3 wheeler able to carry a lot of shopping, it sounds like you are building a car. What would the difference be?

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