Spotlight on Worthing

Scanning Transition web sites shows how busy everyone is and also how tough it is to keep so many initiatives going. I think we have to talk to each other more, to keep the energy up, it can get very lonely out there trying to change the world by starting with one small garden!

This week my spotlight is on Worthing and I hope you can somehow find time to vote for Worthing in its Community Garden initiative.

You have until 31st July to vote, but if you don’t do it now you won’t do it. Unfortunately if you don’t have  a Co-operative Society membership then you have to fill in stuff, which is a bit of a pain, but it is the Co-op, so hopefully you feel that is OK.  Of course you may want to vote for something else, and the voting is by area, so you may find you cannot vote for Worthing, but I hope this helps them get a few votes anyway.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, which for the non Pagans means longest day. There is a summer solstice picnic near Worthing, find more here. I am sure people of all and no faith are allowed to go and if you can walk or go by bike or bus then great, I am sure there will be lifts back to lots of different places, or why not stay the night, it won’t be long before the sun rises.

Finally, there is a percussion for fun event Today, Monday, 2oth June, in the evening, so I had better post this quick or you won’t find out about it in time. I guess percussion for fun has some kind of resilience/reskilling/green community element to it, all will be revealed on the evening I am sure!

Have fun!



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