Planet Earth

You may have watched ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ the other day, which despite having some notable actors like John Cleese is a pretty poor film, hanging on a thread of a message, that the human race has to change.

What I could not understand is why this alien intelligence which could create machines which killed everyone and everything to do with humans (including the clothes people wore) couldn’t just help make machines which would lower CO2 and provided more green energy.

I am an optimist as far as green energy is concerned, so when I see a report on Nuclear Power using Thorium, which could start in just 15 years, I think one part of the problem we have can be solved.

So, as an optimist, why don’t I think we should just leave it to the scientists to solve? My reflection on this is that it is all about responsibility. If I am ill, I could take the view that it is up to science, up to my doctor, up to the  NHS to cure me. I think fundamentally this is a bad place to be. I have to own my illness. I don’t have to cure myself, necessarily, but I have to take on it is me being ill. If not I will get ill again.

The same is true about me being unhappy, or angry, or anything else negative. I should not ask anyone else to make me happy, and of course I should not blame anyone else for making me unhappy. Being unhappy is a choice I make.

This is not about me trying to be a Saint. I accept I get mad, or unhappy, but I take it it is me and I am going to change it, or it will just change anyway if I hang around and not worry too much.

Now I come back to Planet Earth. It is my planet, a bit, and it is in part my planet to look after. I can be optimistic about what other people can do, but if I cease to feel it is mine also, then I am disengaging and that is not good. So some caring about the planet is just good, good for me and good for other people who see I care and hopefully good for the planet. So, caring about the planet is just that, GOOD!


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