Sunday humour 4

After a very serious post yesterday, and I hope that got you thinking, something a bit more lighthearted but relevant I hope.

For those who blame engineers for everything, after all, they build the power stations, the bombs, and the factories to make things like chemical additives for food products, you will love this list of jokes about engineers.

In defence of engineers, at least they do get things built, unlike those of us who never hammer a nail in the wall just in case there is a pipe, cable, mouse, just inside. If you are like this then you need to complete this questionnaire.

Getting things done and making mistakes is hugely important in terms of our little problems with global warming. We might wonder if doing something will make it worse, but making no decision is still making a decision.

Sometimes we just have to take a humorous view of things just to stay sane.

Have a great day.



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