Technology – good or bad?

I want to start by saying technology is essentially neutral. It is what we do with it that is god or bad.

Let’s start with some things that could be good?:

Peer to peer Digital Currencies. Money as it is only works as long as you can keep taking from some pot or other. In the 14th Century the pot was pretty limited so you just stole from peasants while pretending to fight wars. People have had to keep reinventing money in order to keep the illusion going, but basically we still have the same problem. Now oil is not ‘almost free’ it is not the unlimited supply needed by the money system, which is maybe why so many of us are in trouble. So new technology which allows exchange which is not based on a need to steal things seems like a good idea.

Bacteria based electricity generation. As anyone using dried cow dung to burn in fires knows, waste has a lot of potential for generating usable energy. We all create masses of waste, cows especially, so generating electricity from them has got to be good.

Carbon capture has got to be good, and lots of work is going into it. See here.

Permaculture, low tech maybe but still tech, and nothing wrong with low tech.

If you want to know more about Permaculture you could visit the Sustainability Centre, which is not quite on the south coast but not that far away.

I have previously mentioned electric bikes and electric cars, and I am sure there are many other smart tech good solutions for us out there now and being developed, so let’s be positive and keep our eyes open.

Bad  tech? Well, bombs seem to me to be pretty bad tech, as do guns, but maybe I am biased. Machines which break down after a very short period of time are bad tech, as maybe are industrial processes which lead to things being made in one giant factory rather than in lots of local factories, even if they are more inefficient in other ways.

But good and bad is always about how we use technology, so what are your views?


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