Transition Spotlight Chichester

I want to make Chichester the spotlight this week, for the very selfish reason that I am going to have a slot at the Open Space event at Chichester Community Nursery, Portfield.

A small group of people are trying to build up the Nursery as a wider community interest group, and I think my bit is to help people see how they can have fun in the kitchen and save money! The invitation comes because I have published a No Recipe Cookbook. What I plan to do is get stuff from my garden, and some cheap stuff from the Supermarket, get people to decide what they can do with it and then do it. As long as mistakes are not too big the learning is good for you. The other day I did make a mistake and put two sweet apples in my Broccoli, Cauliflower and Apple Soup, with Chilli Zest. It was too sweet. Next time I will taste the apples before adding them! I will bring some Galanga, which might raise a nose or two!

Also this week Chichester Transition has a stand at the Amnesty Concert at Fishbourne Roman Palace. If you have never been to Fishbourne Roman Palace you should make some time to visit, pick a sunny day as the grounds outside are lovely. The mosaics are wonderful, and if you are puzzled by how the mozaic keeps its form despite now curving up and down bumps then you have to ask, me or one of the curators. The reason is astonishing.

The link with Amnesty may not seem obvious, but I see it as our right to self determination, whether through Transition principles of self reliance or through the simple right to personal, political and religious freedoms.

One personal freedom, there are some interesting currency ideas coming into being which extend possibilities for local currencies. Chichester Transition has its TChi, but think how that may change if we can get DigitalCoin currency, or BitCoin? Let me know what you think.

I cannot leave a report about Transition Chichester without mentioning that one of our very active members, Barry Chambers, has won Gold at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

He will be on the BBC on Thursday evening.



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