Sunday Humour 6

I wonder if there is a link between humility and humour. I was reading my weekly post of humour from my pal David West and one slide show called Boarding Planes hit home with the unexpected, and therefore laughter, and with the moral message, hence the humility.

The ‘short story’ reminds us that our sense of ownership is deep within us, and one thing we think we own is our planet. As I rested on the lawn outside of Fishbourne Roman Palace, waiting for the Amnesty Concert to begin, with wall to wall blue sky and an almost Mediterranean climate, odd sets of thoughts collected. We were about to listen to modern music amongst ancient mosaics, the art of 2000 years ago was about to be connected to the art of today.  For 2000 years the planet has provided us with a pretty stable environment, the local citizens have worked the land and then rested, to be entertained, drinking locally grown wine perhaps, then as now.

The climate for wine growing was good then, and it seems to be getting better now, so the thought of the perils of global warming would be a hard sell on a mild night like this. We can’t be doing much bad to the planet if not much has changed in 2000 years, surely?

Amnesty are celebrating 50 years of political action, starting with a small group of people writing to leaders of many countries, and the press, to try to free prisoners of conscience, people guilty of using their voices for change. That small group has grown into a world wide voice on behalf of those whose freedom has been taken from them.

This weekend we have lost one voice of freedom, The UK News of the World has closed. Over the years I have admired the occasional brave reporting of that paper, and loathed the trashy ‘life in the gutter’ it also seemed to relish. Too much time in the gutter seems to have affected the moral standards of many of their journalists, but it is perhaps dangerous to lose a campaigning newspaper when there are plenty of campaigns out there needing the attention of us all.

I think this brings me back to humour and humility. It is very easy to be self-righteous about our own moral standards compared to those at the News of the World.  But as we are consumers of goods made by people working not far off the slave level standards of Roman times, our position of honour may not be that good. And we are consumers of our planet. Politicians and people think they own the gas and oil in the ground, it is ours isn’t it? We can use it as much as we want, surely?

Can we? Here is one reply.

Humour from an 11 year old – makes you think yes?

And, just to entertain, some magic on violin!


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