Updates on Permaculture and the Fuero

Today I want to update on a couple of things, Permaculture and the Fuero.

On Permaculture, I must confess I have never liked the name. It sounds too much like what Alexander Fleming did, growing things in Petri Dishes.

But reading this piece on the origins of Permaculture makes me pretty sympathetic to the ideas of Bill Mollison. I lve the idea that we should be planting mongongo trees in our sand dunes, and that we don’t dig, it is a waste of energy, let worms do the digging! Grow your own with good design is not such a  hard idea surely? Want to get others involved, then send them this link!

Permaculture Principles
1 Observe and interact
2 Capture and store energy
3 Obtain a yield
4 Accept Feedback
5 Be renewable
6 Waste is an illusion
7 Design for patterns and details
8 Integrate
9 Start small
10 Value diversity
11 Value the edges and boundaries
12 Be creative with change

They wouldn’t be too bad as Principles for running an ethical and sustainable business. Maybe News Inc could take them on?

Now, about the Fuero.

Alternative methods of payment are around and I thank Paul P in Italy for letting me know about these links. And on Facebook  Credits in particular. Alternative Currencies do exist in a variety of Transition towns, so there is the TChi in Chichester, the Totnes Pound, and others. Certainly the whole new world of 2nd Life, if you have not been there, is a new experience in money. But my suggestion of the Fuero involves a few innovations not in the other systems. First, it has no connection to other monetary systems. So you are not buying any Fueros, you are given some and you earn more.

Second, it includes an opportunity to take taxes and donations which have some level of  personal control in them.

Third, I have started it off by giving away 100,000,000,000,000 of them.

I hope this difference makes the difference.


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