Overweight – we learn what we eat, and more

I was struck by this report on how early learning of food flavours triggers long term changes in dietary preferences.

There is even the suggestion that when babies are thirsty it is good to get them to like drinking simply water, which sounds pretty good to me, no sugars added please.

I have a deep conflict about not wanting a nanny state but also wanting people to understand what we are doing to our children, in relation to all kinds of behaviours. Whether it is war, sex, or just indulging in some kind of excess of speed or binging on food or drink, the 9 p.m. watershed for TV seems to have disappeared on most things that I would have thought we wanted our children to avoid later in life, a bit if not entirely, or at least some form of self control?

I have for a long time said to people I met who were having a new baby, please play tapes of foreign singers, any language, many languages, because then your child will continue to hear those sounds when they grow up. If they don’t hear the sounds up to 6 to 9 months they will lose the ability to hear them.

It seems fairly clear that what children experience in every way becomes normalised for later in life, whether it is food stuffs, sounds, sights or things like anger.

So let’s have a bit more ‘not in front of the children’ shall we?



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