C0057684 may seem an odd title for a post but I think you may be hearing more of this chemical, especially if they find a more sexy name for it. Sierra Sciences found it when they were looking for ways to relengthen your telomeres (for those who seek some hard science on this click here). And of course, you know that means you might live forever!

Or not.

While the average lifespan in Africa for some countries is under 50, this company is looking to get people beyond the current expected limit of about 125. Yes, some children born today will most probably live to 125, and may well live to much more. If you think getting your pension will stick at 68 or even 70 you will have to think again, it has to go to 100 or more, if pensions mean anything by then.

The implications of extremely extending life spans are many. Some may say that there are moral implications, our sense of gradually changing purpose as we age will change. It won’t be a debate about women having children at 50  it will be a debate about women having children at 100 years of age, or fathers at 150 years of age. A 7 generation family will have over 200 members even if they only have 2 children each.

There are population change implications. The current projects maximum for the planet is 9 to 10 billion people (3 times what it was 50 years ago), that will be reached somewhere around 2050, and if Sierra succeed some children born today would live to 2150 and beyond. So the projections of population may go way wrong?

There are big economic considerations. At present the aim for many is to own a house within one 30 year economic period, if you get to live to 150 you could easily be owning 4 just by buying them, but in reality you would reinvest rental income and end up with 10, or maybe 20, who knows? How many houses make sense if most people are topping 120?

On the bright side, (and it seems strange that living longer seems to present a lot of dark side stuff) a breakthrough in normal ageing would surely trigger a profound sense of the need for sustainable futures, it would trigger an immense humbling of spirit as we would all face that final question, ‘what is life for?’



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