A common purpose

There are probably thousands of groups now formed and many thousands more being formed which, like this one, centre on a common purpose, to develop a new kind of society,  one in which selfishness and greed are not predominant, one in which people belong, and one which  has true long term sustainability for all of us and our planet.

Some  may be more political than others, some are simple steps to facilitate change, there is even a Social Enterprise for Social Enterprises.

The August event for Uncivilisation is being held naturally enough at the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, England, and the organisers have in mind the Dark Mountain Project, which is an intriguing name to say the least.

They have 8 Principles, which are I guess deliberately open to interpretation. All a bit gloomy and for those who were around when Hippies hit the trail some of it will be very familiar.

It is easy to react to the various versions of Change Process without thinking much about why one may suit you better than another, and this post was inspired by the following picture from the Transition Network web site:

system diagram

The picture came from David Pollard who comments: “What is disconcerting,” he adds, “is that there is relatively little awareness among those in the four movements of what the others are doing, and the possible synergies between the models.”

I think one reason why, in an age of media, we find it difficult to connect these 4 is because we have lost how they connect within ourselves. We have become disassociated people.

Economy: How I manage my life, and it does need managing of sorts

My coexistence with others: How I exchange my emotions with others

My activism: How I work with my vision and sense of mission and purpose

My aesthetics: How my reason and intuition work with each other in harmony

My sense is that our sense of being excessively busy is because we have made efficiency more important than it should be, and it is not delivering effectiveness, in which my life as a worker is integrated with my emotional life and my mission and my aesthetics. The endless cycle of work, giving me money which leads to spending which needs more work and more money, it is not working for people.

I’m sure the Hampshire event will be great fun, and for those who go maybe take a copy of David Pollard’s picture as a guide. Thanks David


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