A few friends watched the film The Economics of Happiness on Sunday night and then chatted about the state of the world and what we can do, or not, while drinking home made Elderflower ‘Juice’ and eating home made locally grown plum crumble.

Our review was a mix of despair and hope, and in the end Hope won, but perhaps for no rational reason than that it is a better state of  mind.

We had wondered how the next generation were feeling and what they were doing (so you can guess how old we are), and of course on Monday morning I get this link sent about some young people who are brilliant, creative and very very green.

Isaiah Saxon (left), Sean Hellfritsch and Daren Rabinovitch began collaborating on films in San Francisco in 2003. Their digital animation company, Encyclopedia Pictura, combines live action, stop-motion and CGI components into a unique visual style.

Now you may not think this is very green, but this is the house they built to live and work in:

Rabinovitch's grass hut combines a primitive design with more advanced  solar technology. Trout Gulch's 18 residents live in a variety of tiny  homes, huts and tree houses.

Yes, they need the solar panel because they create animations for products, but only products they use. And they seem to have jobs available, though I am not sure how US Homeland Security would welcome you at the airport, ‘Yes sir, and your job is going to be working for this company in California as a Farmer?’

One of the people speaking in the Economics of Happiness film is the not quite as young Zac Goldsmith. As former editor of The Ecologist and more recently author of The Constant Economy Zac has some pretty green credentials. He has been pretty vocal about cloned animal meat being on sale, which as he is an MP of the Government in power which is allowing it shows he sticks to his principles, but given he seems to have different views to many or most Government policies, one may wonder why he is an MP for the Conservative Party.

The Transition Movement has a bit of a tradition of not being political, and does attract people from all ways along the line of left to right, and probably at right angles to it as well. Maybe our Hope for the future has to lie in getting those in power, those with a lot of power, more closely connected to those Green Entrepreneurs who can work within the contradictions of a sustainable economy without growth. Maybe Zac could donate a few copies of his books to Transition Towns?



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