From community garden to world citizenship

I think one of the great things about life is the very great expanse between living richly as a big part of a very small project, to living as a very small part of a very big project.

At lunch time in Chichester a group of over 10 people met to look at the possibility of a community garden right in the centre of the city. Not a huge garden space, but who would have believed that this plot of land, perhaps about the size of 2 allotments, was sitting there unused? It is a truly beautiful spot, facing south, a good solid old wall to grow things against, masses of grass cuttings, lots of weeds and some very tasty blackcurrants. I am sure we will be getting this into shape soon enough, with the promised support of the council and its far sighted employees.

Thank you Mike and others!

At the other end of the scale we have a world community being built, people sharing a very clear desire for change. You can see on the Avaaz site how many people have signed up from countries all round the world. How amazing that purely on gut instinct people are joining a new kind of democracy, many who probably never vote, who feel disenfranchised  by the system, not by any lack of pieces of paper on which to make a mark.

I think there is not a lot of difference between how Transition has grown and how Avaaz is growing, both are based on that sense of belonging coming pure from the heart.

Somewhere in between we have Hub Westminster, an innovation space for individuals and businesses, an open space for creating, what a great idea for London! What a great idea for all cities! Lets revive community space, from the village hall in our smaller communities to expansion of the idea of sports and health centres to be diverse spaces for people to play together and build the next generation of ideas.

Of course we have to be a bit careful about trusting our heart without any checks and balances. We can be whimsical in our affections, and leave a lot of debris behind, but for now I guess we are all one with the idea that we need change and we need it now.

With the right motives we can build the right skills, and then leave behind the right memories.


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