Portsmouth meet every third Thursday of the month, here.

It is a bit quiet out there, so if someone wants to get in touch with me I can post what’s on here for all to see. Hello Portsmouth!

Here are their Objectives:


  • Food
    Encourage the community to grow their own food and to buy local produce.
  • Energy
    Advise the community about ways to reduce energy consumption and about the various renewable technologies available to generate their own energy.
  • Transport
    Reduce the use of fossil fuels and to promote walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable transport.
  • Education
    To develop projects with schools, colleges and the wider community that increase awareness of peak oil and climate change issues and solutions.
  • Business & Economics
    To raise awareness within our local business community about how peak oil and climate change will likely affect them (and their profit margin).
  • Local Government
    To support and encourage them to consider climate change and peak oil in everything they do.
  • Heart & Soul 
    Rejuvinate the feeling of community spirit and encourage the support of local skills and businesses.

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