Local food companies

I want to try to find a way of keeping up to date with local food suppliers. There is Big Barn run by Ant and Ed, and some others, but it would be great to provide up to the day itself information on who has what from local farms and markets.

The question is, what order to put them in? 😉

Wherever you are in the UK you can look up local produce on Big Barn.

For around Chichester we have:

Runcton Farm – See them at the Farmer’s Market 1st and 3rd Fridays on North Street, Chichester, or call by or phone

Tuppenny Barn – See them at the Farmer’s Market 1st and 3rd Fridays on East Street, Chichester, or call in any Thursday from 10 – 5! or phone

Wayside Organics – Contact Bart, 01243 779716

O’Hagan’s Sausages – Buy then or eat them cooked for you at The Bull Inn, Market Street, Chichester, or for those to the West of Chichester, there is the Woolpack

Goodwood Farm Shop – A short and pleasant cycle ride, or OK, use the car, for some great food, and if you have forgotten what real old fashioned unhomogenised milk tastses like, then you are in for a treat.

Rookery Farm Eggs – A short walk from Butlins, Bognor Regis, or jump on the bus, for some of the best eggs around, so shop for friends while you are there.

Appledram Farm Products – you really can take a nice walk there from Waitrose, though best get a map first from the Information Centre in Chichester, but if you are there for the cider, please take care coming home.

Weald and Downland – for great flour and a lot more on big event days, always a great trip out, and you can get there by bus.

Parsonage Farm Shop – for those to the East of Chichester.

Comptons Farm Shop – for those to the South of Chichester.

Southbourne Farm Shop – for those even further to the West of Chichester.

Grange Farm Shop – for those out Funtington Way.


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