Unpaid jobs

Some help is needed to keep this communication channel effective on a daily basis. If you have time to help just a bit, let me know, Email SCITjobs@nextstepassociates.co.uk


Deputy Editor – Subbing for me from time to time or once a week

Stop Press manager – Responsible for managing people browsing some or all South Coast Transition web sites and other fora to bring daily and weekly news to this site

Mentor – Someone to look over and after the vision, mission, ethics and deliverables to ensure we stay tuned to the bigger picture

Spell checker – Someone prepared to try to keep spelling and grammar errors down to an acceptable level of failure

Art Director – Someone who has an eye for how the whole site hangs together, who can make it a WOW place to visit

Cross link coordinator – Someone who can negotiate linking this site to others relevant to Transition so we get visitors from outside and so we help others with a similar mission get visitors from us

Science monitor – Someone prepared to dig around for information, not to tell people what is true, but to help people decide based on a balanced set of views, someone with a practical science viewpoint

All these jobs need a bit of savvy with computers but basically it is pretty simple once you have run through it a few times

At first people will need to be able to get to Chichester at least once a month to get things working well – after that, well you could be anywhere

If there is a job you can think we need then just shout – no-one gets paid but the more we can do the better


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